220V - 110V Disaster

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08 jan 2020, 15:42

Hi Guys,
after refurbishing my 22RH541 I plugged one of the speakers into 220V but didn't realised cleaning it I switched it to 117V.
Stupid me...
Result is of course after a quick good-bye noise now it doesn't power up anymore... But I can't see where the problem is,
No broken fuses or anything else burned I can see on the motherboard.
Relay doesn't act, could that be the problem or something else before it?

Thank you
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08 jan 2020, 15:55

There is a fuse insite the transformer. Nearby the center of it.
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08 jan 2020, 16:05

First check the thermal fuse underneath the transformer. Most likely its blown a replacement is hard to find. You could temporarily solder a wire parallel over the fuse. If that doesn't work either you need a new transformer from a donor bord.

If you live in a area where there's 230V AC you should switch it to 240V. Its beter for the life endurance.
Oud naar nieuw :D
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08 jan 2020, 18:45

Very bad idea to solder a wire across the fuse, unless you use a series light bulb for the test.

In case there's a secondary short such as the bridge rectifier, a shorted fuse will cause the transformer to burn out.

Anyway, since the transformer goes into saturation quickly in this scenario, chances are the built in fuse has protected both the transformer and the electronics effectively, so I'd take a quick measurement for secondary short and if that seems okay, set it to 245V, put a 100W light bulb in series (across the blown fuse is reasonable) and apply power.
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09 jan 2020, 11:22

Thanks guys, I’m coming close to it, I found the blown fuse. Do you think it’ll be possible to find a replacement? Otherwise any idea how to find the rating of it? I could solder a similar rating instead of it maybe.

I tried to find on internet but with my little knowledge in electronics I had no luck.

On the manual is stated only:
F401 fuse 482225220007

And on the fuse itself:
Philips 31221375355 and maybe 1
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09 jan 2020, 11:35

This is a pretty typical Philips item so try here in "Gezocht" or contact Thomas from MFBfreaks.
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25 jan 2020, 20:38

I always use the naughty solution and resolder the two pins inside the fuse.
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