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Wat beluister jij graag op je MFB's? Toevallig een geweldige oude of nieuwe artiest ontdekt? Deel hem hier!

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10 okt 2015, 19:43


Sorry because I don't speak Dutch, I hope you understand me in English.

Since some years ago, I hear a very recommended radio station for the nostalgics like me... It's a dutch station that I hear online downloading its application. This radio station plays all kind of old music of the 50's, 60's 70's and 80's, also vintage adverts and a lot of funny jingles, much of them from Nederlands...

You can enjoy it at

I hope you like the Oldie Station like me, it's my favourite (my forum's name "OldieSt" comes because of it).

Nostalgische Groeten! :wink:
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10 okt 2015, 23:42

aha, now I understand your nickname :)

enjoy the good old music :wink:
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