Philips VR2022 - motor brake toggles always

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31 aug 2018, 18:53

Long time ago since i requested for some help here and Dr. VCC helped me a lot.
Now i have a new problem and i don´t know how to fix it.

First of all i followed all Gromsound tips so i:

1) Replaced the battery with a 1F/5.5V capacitor
2) Changed the 1uF capacitor on the Synch board
and so on....

If i plug in the power cable, the VCR is switching on, all LED´s are in fine condition but only the brake is toggling very fast and klicking several times. If i then press the power on, the brakes are toggling and clicking again - if i try to run forward or backward the drive motors are not spinning. Only the brakes are toggling until i press the stop button. The head drum is not rotating at all and the thread motor is also without any function.

So then i followed the Gromsound tips and checked both boards with the relais under the drive unit. I cleaned the relais with contact spray and checked all the diodes. Everything is well there.

Then i checked the power supply and this is what i found:

If i unplug the M3 connector i have all 12V support voltages. If i plug it back, only +12a is still there.
12b and 12.1b are around 1V only. So i replaced the nearby 330uF capacitors on the backplane,
but the situation is still same :(

I really need help from this point on :pray:


MeanwhiIe i changed following identical and good working parts from my 2099 (2024) to this machine but without any success...

1. MOP board --> no change
2. Both relais boards under the drive --> no change
3. CTR board --> no change
4. Power supply --> no change
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04 nov 2018, 19:24

Deze duitsche videoot heeft me in mijn forumvakantie per email gecontacteerd en na enig heen en weren hebben we niet alleen dit probleem opgelost maar ook de rest van zijn vcc voorraad weer lopend gekregen. Zonder 1 vuile klauw mijnerzijds, handig toch die afstandbediening. Der Junge lernt schnell, de volgende storing kan ie vast zelf wel oplossen :D
lijdt aan AMHD - alles moet het doen
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