VR2023 with bad tape path stability

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a friend of mine asked me to try to bring to life a VR2023 (well, actually it's a B&O 8804V).
the first issue was a crazy clicking reel brake solenoid an no operation of any motors, was an esay one > missing +12Vb due to broken solder joints on a rectifier.

but now it live again, the mechanism have an issue i never saw before : the tape get badly drived on the drum entry side.
it slide up on the fixed guides leading to a very very poor tracking/noise bar.
the tape back tension work as expected, and really no abnormal tension on take up reel, and the guides glue is still intact.
pinch roller is totally excluded, it's in very good shape, and the exit path is good, and absolutely no phasing fluctuation in sound.

it has a last issue, but i don't think it's directly related, the head drum have a "hard point" meaning it doesn't spin really freely and lead to horizontal sync wobbling. i tried to get the head drum off to see what happen under, but nope... totally seized on the shaft.
i think i'm just gonna replace the whole drum unit, and i should get one soon.
but for the moment, i don't think it really cause an issue to tape path anyway.

so if someone have an idea on the tape path issue?
thanks :)
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hi again, always nice getting these puzzles from you :D

how about the left threading 'cart' ? they are rather wobbly, maybe one is too loose on the rail or on the carrier. it should slot firmly in the end stop when threaded in. this position is critical.
as shown on my website, if the threading cord is dislodged from the pulleys the end stop will not be reached leading to wrong tape guiding. check all white pulleys including the small ones behind the deck. lubricate the threading rails a bit with wd40 or silicon grease.


by the way: NEVER 'adjust' the tape path by screwing on the guides/end stops, these are factory adjusted using special optical tools. impossile to restore once disturbed. hope nobody touched that, check the paint spots.

you can however exchange the complete 'micro world' = the whole assembly with head, motor, upper and lower drum and tape path.
try knocking the shaft from above when pulling the upper drum.
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